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Restore your body's factory settings

After a lifetime of injuries and experiences, your body is lying to you about what movements are actually safe to do. We want to help you remind your body how to move.

Do you have injuries that never get better? Have you tried everything?

Our clients come to us after years of frustration over unresolved pain and recurring injuries that standard health care hasn’t resolved.

What we do is different from what you’ve experienced with standard health care professionals.

We examine movement joint-by-joint throughout your entire body and find strategies to move you in a new way that is pain-free, more efficient and ultimately sustainable for the long term.

Our clients leave empowered. Our goal is to help you diagnose and heal yourself and save money by providing a solution that works.


Restore Your Posture

Online Pop Up Workshop

Saturday May 29 2021

11am-12pm Pacific

Just $20+GST

Attend live and/or watch the replay for 7 days


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Testimonials from the wild

"I can't believe that such small adjustments are adding up to what seems to be a permanent change in my body. I have even started walking without the orthotics I have relied on for the past 10 years..." BJ Clayden


"I had constant foot pain for over two years and physio appointments and orthotics didn't fix it. After working with Holly the pain has disappeared and I have increased the movement and flexibility not only in my feet but my whole body." MG Smith

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