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Thursday July 25th 7-8pm

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Do you have injuries that never get better? Have you tried everything? Have practitioners been unable to tell you why you’re not getting better? My clients come to me after years of frustration over unresolved joint and muscle pain and recurring injuries that standard health care hasn’t resolved.

What I do is different from what you’ve experienced with standard health care professionals. I am trained to see what’s missing when you move. To move pain-free every joint needs to be able to freely open and close. If a joint is stuck then another joint that is not meant to move that way picks up the slack. Pain results from this disorganized movement.

I see the body as a system and I do what no other health professional does: take the time to carefully examine movement joint-by-joint throughout your entire body. Together with your injury history we piece together why your body is moving this way and find strategies to teach it to move in a new way that is pain-free, more efficient and ultimately sustainable for the long term.

My clients leave empowered. They go home with knowledge about why their body is moving and feeling the way it is, improved body awareness and the skills to recognize how to restore their joint function all on their own. My goal is to help you diagnose and heal yourself.


"I can't believe that such small adjustments are adding up to what seems to be a permanent change in my body. I have even started walking without the orthotics I have relied on for the past 10 years..." BJ Clayden

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