Not sure what a session involves? Wondering how many sessions you’ll need? Read on!

What does a session involve?

Initial consultations are 90 minutes long. We begin by taking a thorough injury history and a list of the primary issues in your body at the moment. Then we look at your posture and take you through a series of movement exercises to see where you’re moving well and where we can improve. Then we will work with some foam wedges to get the joints in your feet moving as they are meant to move and then move up to the joints above your ankles. Each session there will be exercises to take home and work on. In follow up sessions we will focus primarily on using the wedges and getting the joints moving throughout the body.

How many sessions will I require to feel better?

This is a tough question to answer because every body is different. Clients will notice a change in their movement patterns after one session. Typically you will need 3-5 follow up sessions to address your main issue and then maintentance sessions every 3-4 weeks for a few months. If you have more than one issue to work on or your situation is more complex it can take 10-12 sessions for you to work through your movement patterns.

What do I need to bring?

Just yourself and your willingness to explore what your body is doing. Please wear comfortable clothing that is close fitting enough to see the outline of your body. We will be working in bare feet.

Will the sessions compliment or conflict with my other treatments?

No, Anatomy in Motion restores lost range of motion and often works complimentarily with physio and strength training regimes. We will never suggest that you stop taking the advice of doctors and trainers. You are in charge of your own healing and growth.

How much is a session?

Initial Consultations are $100+GST

Follow up consultations are $75+GST

Do you accept health plans and extended medical?

Not at this time. There are alternative health insurance plans available in Canada through your employer. One such plan is Get in touch and we can discuss further how you can enroll.