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After a lifetime of injuries and experiences, your body is lying to you about what movements are actually safe to do. I help remind your body of its factory settings by helping you move better.

My goal is to help you break through plateaus and up-level your performance by fine-tuning your movements. Whether it’s being able to reach a new hold on the climbing wall, prevent foot pain from distracting you on the court, or be able to do skills that have always been out of reach. I use movement to empower you to pay attention to what your body is doing and telling you. By providing individualized exercises with clear intentions and developing your conceptual understanding of your body’s machinery, I want you to learn to work with your body instead of fighting against it or working around it.

Your body is a reflection of every injury, hobby, job and emotion you’ve had. When you get injured or learn a new skill, your clever body adapts how it moves. 10,000 steps a day over many years means those patterns are ingrained. Your body deletes access to movements that once hurt. They are ‘greyed out’ by your nervous system as if they don’t exist. Improving your performance requires resetting your body’s movement factory settings by reminding you of how you can move. Then letting your body decide if access to more movement feels better.

When I give my clients’ bodies better movement choices, they tell me they instantly start to feel lighter and taller, relief in areas of compression or tension, are stronger without adding any weight to their training and are able to perform skills that have always been out of reach.

My wish is for you to up-level what you thought was out of reach for you and remove the distractions of pain or limitations in your movement that stop you from being at your best. I want to help you understand why your body feels the way it does by inspiring your curiosity about how your body works and what it needs from you. I want you to go away knowing what your body needs to be in top shape and then no longer rely on me. You will be empowered with your own toolbox to recognize your unique early warning signs of your symptoms and keep yourself moving in top form without needing me anymore.

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Testimonials from the wild

"...Holly looks at the full picture and utilizes a variety of practices, tools, and training to help work through my issues...Holly does not want you to rely on regular sessions...she is passionate about you being able to manage your own issues with your new knowledge and toolbox- after spending lots of money on various specialists and treatments, this is refreshing and was a big factor in my decision to work with Holly...I was hesitant at trying yet another specialist, but I wish that I had found Holly sooner as I truly believe that my issues would not have progressed to this point if I had done so." -Aisling O'Malley


"Holly gave me some simple but powerful movements to do at home and it didn’t take long for my pelvis and rib cage to start moving correctly. I was able to walk properly, taking full, long strides (I could literally feel my legs, hips, and pelvis moving freely). I also noticed a huge difference in my overall flexibility and increased strength in my core." -Lindsay, online client


"I had constant foot pain for over two years and physio appointments and orthotics didn't fix it. After working with Holly the pain has disappeared and I have increased the movement and flexibility not only in my feet but my whole body." -MG Smith


"Holly is like a magician or a pain whisperer. I came to see her for a number of niggling problems that have been plaguing me for years. what Holly will teach you is how YOUR body is behaving and why through years of conditioning (you were likely unaware of) you're experiencing these issues in the first place. Holly will help you understand what your body is screaming out to you. It's like being rebuilt from the ground up. Incredible. I am forever changed." -Jennifer Johnson

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