What is movement therapy?

Movement therapy uses a blueprint of how the body is meant to move. Through a simple set of movement exercises it restores what has been lost through compensations that our bodies and brains create to move around pain from an injury. These compensations mean that the joints and muscles are working out of sync causing additional pain or preventing our bodies from moving efficiently. By reintroducing what your body and brain are already wired to do, improvements can be made in pain, efficiency of movement and achievement of challenging sport-specific skills.


What is Anatomy in Motion?

Anatomy in Motion (AiM) is a blueprint for human movement based on the natural human gait cycle. During movement ideally every joint needs to experience its full range of motion. If it doesn’t, the outcome is often compensations elsewhere in the body resulting in pain or reduced efficiency of movement. By using the natural human gait cycle as a blueprint, AiM reintroduces movement that was once available to the body, and a client can begin to resolve pain or progress beyond training plateaus. For most clients, they begin to notice changes in their pain and movement potential in as little as one session. A typical client may have tried traditional forms of healing and not had success at resolving pain or limitations unless lost movement potential has been reintroduced.

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Flow Movement Therapy practices out of the beautiful D2 Studios at 55 W 8th Avenue in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood of Vancouver and BASE Fitness at 1350 Pemberton Avenue in North Vancouver.

About Holly

Holly Middleton is a specialist in high-performance movement therapy who works with high-level athletes who are injured or have hit a training plateau. Holly specializes in assessing movement dysfunctions and restoring range of motion lost due to injury or compensation. She has 20 years of dance training and movement assessment experience and is an Anatomy in Motion practitioner with a PhD in biology and experience teaching anatomy. She is a CanFitPro certified Personal Training Specialist. She has two decades of experience as a high-performance athlete, is a graduate of Canada’s National Ballet School and is a reigning Canadian and World Amateur Champion in salsa and latin hustle. Currently she competes, performs, and is a salsa instructor at Dance Vancouver.


Holly Middleton


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