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I’m a movement coach and accomplished dancer trained in Anatomy in Motion. I’ve spent my life learning to move well and assess movement, and now I teach people how to move well. A life-long learner, I have a PhD in biology (movement of animals, if you’re wondering!) and am always learning from other practitioners so I can hone my skill sets. I’ve dedicated my life to movement and sharing its benefits with others.


What is Anatomy in Motion?

Anatomy in Motion (AiM) is a blueprint for how the entire body is meant to move. AiM approaches movement from the joints’ perspective. Joints need to open and close so that muscles can lengthen and contract when they need to. Compensations we make around an injury or habitual movement pattern can upset when and how a joint moves, reducing access to the full range of motion. This is when pain creeps in or injuries keep happening. The tools learned through AiM allow me to assess what joints are moving and which aren’t, restore movement and, ultimately relieve pain. A major focus of AiM is proper foot function so my work focus heavily on this often-overlooked and misunderstood body part.

My work is different from most health care professionals. I treat the body as a system. I restore function and resolve pain through movement. I work with my client to educate them on why they are in pain and finding the right means of restoring their movement. No two clients’ bodies are the same and so every client receives an individualized approach. I empower my clients to leave with their toolkit to keep themselves well.

Ultimately, my goal is not to ‘fix’ my clients but to act as a guide to show them options on how to move in new ways that are pain free. I want my clients to be better educated consumers of their health care. I hope my clients avoid hundreds or thousands of dollars of treatments and wasted years of low vitality. I do this by giving them back the movement options their body is asking for but has never been given.

What can I expect?

Initial Assessments are 60 minutes. I'll review my findings based on the documents and images you sent prior to our session. I'll conduct a short movement screening of some joints of interest. Then we will begin restoring movement in your joints. By the end of the session you will have 2-3 exercises to work on between sessions. It's important to continue the exercises in between sessions. Official AiM wedges are available for purchase.

Follow Up Sessions are 60 minutes. We will progress with more movement exercises depending on what your body requires. Typically you will need 3-5 weekly sessions and 2-3 biweekly or monthly maintenance sessions to resolve one injury. Depending on how long you've had a compensation, it can take longer to resolve an injury.

Please wear leggings or shorts and a top that isn't loose so I can assess your joints and posture. We work in bare feet.

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