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You're not the only one with frustrating compensation patterns, so why not learn with others like you? If you are an athlete or want to maintain your active life as you age without being frustrated by nagging injuries and pain, then my workshops are for you.

Explore what nobody talks about: how to actually retrain your posture, listening to what your aches and pains are telling you and restore foot function.

Unsure about working with me? Workshops are a low-barrier introduction to my working style and start your journey to understanding your body's factory settings.

Your teacher


Educating active people and athletes through workshops is one of my favourite parts of my job because I've been where you are.

I spent 12 years training at an elite level in ballet graduating from the prestigious Canada's National Ballet School. I'm also a National and World Champion amateur salsa dancer which took another 12 years of dedicated training! I have a Master's and PhD in biology, studying animal movement. 30+ years of observing and honing movement lead me to where I am today.

I was frustrated with injuries that I didn't know how to resolve, and I was discouraged at being limited in my own body when I knew I had the potential for so much more. Getting injured 6 weeks before a national competition was the most agonizing and life-transforming experience for me as an athlete.

This is why I offer workshops for people who are ready to meet their full potential and move past the problems that are limiting their enjoyment of an active life.

Who should attend?

If recurring injuries mean you can't progress in your activities, you are worried you can't keep up with your active life or your sport performance is suffering, these workshops are for you.

Workshops focus on restoring imbalances and reconnecting lost movements. Attendees gain a ton of insight into their body and take home their own individualized exercises for continued practice.

In a workshop you benefit from my experience and training, get a chance to learn (a lot!) about your patterns and leverage the energy of a group environment. It's a great starting point to try out my methods and style.

For others, they discover they need individualized coaching to progress further. After the workshops, I can answer your questions about working with me 1:1 and if that's the right plan for you.

Upcoming Events

Meet Your Feet: Foot Restoration Workshop


LEARN what your feet are meant to do

DISCOVER what movements YOUR feet are missing

Make the CONNECTION between foot function and better mobility

Get take-home EXERCISES to keep your feet in their best shape

Location: Vancouver Pilates Centre

When: Saturday April 20th at 1-2:30pm

Cost: $75+GST for VPC non-members

Call to book: 604-879-2900


Harness Your Hips: the secret to freedom of movement

Tight Hamstrings workshop


LEARN why your tight hamstrings might be caused by your ribs, pelvis or breathing

DISCOVER how to loosen them up without stretching

get take-home EXERCISES to keep your legs flexible

This is for you if you:

-keep stretching your hamstrings without success

-want a refreshing approach to better mobility

-want exercises tailored to your specific situation

Location: Zen Active 3701 W Hastings in Burnaby

Date: Sunday March 3rd 10-11:30am

Cost: $65+GST


LEARN why your hip mobility might be limited by your ribs, pelvis or breathing

DISCOVER how to regain mobility without stretching or massage

get take-home EXERCISES to maintain your hip mobility

This is for you if you:

-have tried to stretch or release your hips without success

-want a refreshing approach to improving your mobility

-want exercises tailored to your specific situation

-enjoy knowing the curious ways that your whole body is connected

Location: The Hive climbing gym North Van

Date: Saturday April 13th 2-3:30pm

Price and booking link coming soon

My workshops sell out early. Want early access to book your spot? I announce my workshops to my newsletter subscribers FIRST before the general public. Subscribe to get your pick of workshop.

Interested in hosting a workshop?

Booking a workshop with me is straightforward. Browse the information package below for the topics I can teach about. If you don't see something you're looking for, I'll happily adapt my material to suit your group's needs. Drop me an email to discuss details. [email protected]