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Movement Therapy is for high-performance athletes and dancers who are recovering from an injury or have reached a training plateau. Perhaps you’ve tried extra coaching or more physio appointments and they haven’t restored your potential. Whether coming back from injury or leveling up your game, often the missing piece of the puzzle is mastering proper body mechanics. We offer a unique treatment method that takes a whole-body, movement-based approach to restore range of motion, regardless of the sport you do. We’ll give you the tools to fix yourself!

You want to:

  • restore lost range of motion and regain skills you could do before you were injured,
  • manage pain,
  • prevent recurring injuries,
  • or gain skills that have been out of reach despite your best efforts.

You are:

  • active in your sport and daily life,
  • able to listen to the signals in your muscles and joints,
  • keen to actively participate in returning to pre-injury shape or achieving new skills,
  • and open to trying a whole-body, movement-based approach to restoring range of motion.

You need someone who:

  • understands how dancers and athletes move and train,
  • can assess the limits in your range of motion,
  • can introduce movements to your body that restore what you could once do and,
  • treats the whole body as one fully interconnected unit.

Flow Movement Therapy gets that you live a busy, active lifestyle and are motivated to return to your sport or improve your skill set. We understand how dancers and other athletes move, train and condition their bodies. You may have tried a variety of physio and rehab techniques and not fully restored your pre-injury abilities. We understand the importance of continuing to be active and move while in injury recovery mode and restoring lost range of motion is an integral part of your recovery. You are motivated to return to your sport and we can help you with the final push to recovery.

Flow Movement Therapy is the only clinic in the Lower Mainland offering specialized sessions in Anatomy in Motion. By complementing your current physio or rehab and training you’re investing in, we can help you reach or restore your potential.


Our approach

Flow Movement Therapy is different from traditional physio and training:

We treat the body as a whole. We look at what’s missing in your movement and use simple, effective techniques to restore that movement. By cuing your body to move into ranges of motion that it has been avoiding we restore movement potential. Our techniques are effective regardless of your sport or movement practice. Whether you’re a rock climber, cyclist, yogi, ballroom dancer or tennis player, our techniques apply to every movement modality.

Our system

Your body and brain are hardwired for perfection. You already know how to move the most efficient and pain-free way possible; you’ve just ingrained less efficient choices throughout your life. Our system opens up lost range of motion by making subtle suggestions to your body to give it options about how else it can move. We do this by assessing your movement joint-by-joint and the body as a whole. Using some simple tools and techniques we remind your body and brain what its factory settings were and let it decide how it wants to move. The rest is up to you!


Initial sessions include:

  • A full postural and movement assessment
  • Treatment to restore lost movement potential in joints of feet (if required)
  • Treatment to improve efficiency of movement or lost movement potential throughout the body
  • Personalized homework exercises to take away for self practice
  • Sessions are 90 minutes

Follow up sessions include:

  • Fine tuning of personalized exercises from initial session
  • Additional personalized exercises for self practice
  • Sessions are 60 minutes


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