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December post everyday challenge!

Most of us wait for perfection before we put something out in the world.

Many of us have ideas sitting in a to do list or dancing around in our brains but we never get the chance to develop those ideas and put them out for others to explore. I’m no stranger to perfection and the fear of judgment.

As a former ballerina I know what it is to strive for perfection. And as someone who has struggled with social anxiety (SA) their whole life and the fear of judgment and embarrassment that goes along with SA I know all too well the fear of putting out your unpolished, unfinished, incomplete work to possibly the entire world.

This December I’m going to try an experiment.

I am going to put my unfinished thoughts and my uncomfortable learning experiences out there for anyone, maybe nobody, to read.

Inspired by the writing and podcast of Seth Godin I’m going to write a blog entry every day for the month of December.

The entries will be a mixture of musings about movement, dance, life as a new business owner and ideas I discover from other thinkers that I care to explore.

Maybe you’ll read it. Maybe nobody will read it. It doesn’t matter.

So here goes!