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Building Community in 2019

Some of the best business advice I’ve received revolves around building community. Knowing who your core clientele are, becoming a trust agent, connecting business owners to support one another, and not seeing other businesses as competition but as allies. In 2019 I want to make that more of a reality.

The first step I want to take is find out who the other practitioners and business owners are in my area that have a similar vision and narrative around movement and training. Get to know one another. Learn from each other. Support and promote each others’ businesses. Create a community of practitioners that seek to share our knowledge base to a wider audience and gain more traction in the therapy and training worlds.

The next step is becoming a trust agent. Being more visible, posting what I’m knowledgable about, interacting and having constructive conversations about interesting topics, building myself and others as trust agents together. I can only reach my ideal client if they know I exist and have some sense of my knowledge base and success.

So in 2019 I plan to reach out more, get together with colleagues and business owners, find out what works and what doesn’t work, create more visibility and a voice in our community and build each other up. Who’s with me?