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Are chairs responsible for a stuck pelvis?

One of the most common missing ranges of motion I see in my practice is clients who can’t tilt their pelvis. Some are stuck tilted forwards, others tilted back and others can’t access either. When I ask my clients how long they spend sitting they are amongst the ones with the most hours logged in a seated position.

What is it about sitting that takes away the ability to tilt the pelvis? Sitting in a chair or lounging on the couch puts your pelvis in a backwards tilted position. If you have good ergonomics you might have a neutral pelvis while sitting. It’s not necessarily the position you’re sitting in that is the main issue but the fact that you log long hours in one position. Your body, your joints in particular, are very familiar with this position. You’ve essentially become an expert in your seated position and a beginner in other positions.

Those other positions, like walking, require you to tilt your pelvis forwards and backwards in order to move the joints in the most efficient way (and painfree way) possible. If we can’t do this with our pelvis what has our backwards society chosen to do? Give us shoes that restrict our underused foot tissues to protect us from rolling our ankles or flat feet and provide a heel lift in the aim of firing those ‘sleepy glutes’. All as a result of the massive proportion of our time spent sitting.Have you looked at whether you can move your pelvis? If you’re curious, you can head to my Facebook page and watch a video in the MOVE-ember series on this topic (