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Finding the new you after injury

When we get injured it sucks. We can’t do our thing. We worry we may never be the same again. And we’re right.

But not in a bad way. Your most efficient you before your injury will be a different configuration than your most efficient you after you heal your injury. Perhaps the cause of your injury will be dealt with and you’ll be more efficient and resilient than before. Perhaps your healing process will mean that having the same amount of efficiency means troubleshooting and configuring your movement patterns and your equipment slightly differently to take advantage of the new set of parameters at play.

After you’ve injured a part of your body part of your healing is restoring the right amount of range of motion in the various joints to make you as efficient as you can be in the configuration you’re in. And everyone is configured differently. Different length bones, different amounts of fast and slow twitch muscles, different suppleness of soft tissue, different flexibility. And even the shapes of your joint surfaces differ. Throughout your life your configuration changes, with age, injuries, how you spend your day, even the job you do.

As one AiM practitioner puts it ‘your body heals to efficiency, not perfection’.

No body moves perfectly. And nobody has flawless movement. We can only be as efficient as we need to be to get on with the stuff of life. And no more perfect than that.

Being injured doesn’t mean coming back worse off or less able. If you find the right practitioners while you’re healing, coming back you can be at least as efficient as you were before your injury. Maybe the way you got around before your injury is no longer the most efficient way. You get to define what the new efficiency is. And it may surprise you.