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Therapists as givers

In this season of giving it's appropriate to speak about the givers in our lives. Therapists typically go into their line of work because they enjoy helping people. They are givers by nature.

What is it about being a therapist that makes them givers? Perhaps it's the pleasure they derive by being able to pass on their knowledge to help someone feel better. Or how those skills can be used by their clients to empower them to help themselves feel better outside the clinic and long after the patient-therapist relationship has ended. Or perhaps it's the enjoyment therapists gain by being able to learn new modalities and skills that help them to serve their clients better with every passing day.

Regardless of the reason why, therapists are givers. And I encourage all therapists and givers to take some time to recharge and reflect this holiday season on what drives them and recharge their batteries to keep giving in 2019.

Happy holidays to all the givers out there!