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Why I love my clients

When I first started my business as a movement practitioner I hoped to surround myself with like-minded folks who are the kinds of people who get what I do and are a pleasure to learn from. And I was right! My clients are fantastic people that give me more value every day than I ever hope to give them in return.

I have a lot of fellow dancers that I work with. Watching them discover new things in their bodies that allow them to dance pain free or wake up new ways of moving is a treat. I can proudly say that what was taught to me was channeled through me and is expressing itself as this beautifully moving body. Learning to work with dancers has been its own pleasure. Knowing what I know about dance and movement helps me better serve them. But find out what else in their lives during or before dance has gotten their bodies to where it is, that’s where the real work lies. And that’s where the line between dancer and everyone else dissolves.

I also get the pleasure of working with other movement practitioners. The beauty of working with fellow movement nerds and body workers is the wealth of knowledge and experience that comes from their own educational path and their time in practice. It’s really fun to work on physios, RMTs, spatial and fascial nerds because not only can I speak the technical speak freely without having to translate into plain English, I can also learn from them how they might approach the same presentation. Or I can get inspired to learn their modalities and open up an immense network of really amazing people who I can call my tribe.

The learning never ends. But that’s the fun of it. Forever exploring how the body puts itself together and how to help each unique body do what’s best for it.